Kids Sea Star Leggings
Kids Sea Star Leggings
Kids Sea Star Leggings
Kids Sea Star Leggings
Kids Sea Star Leggings

Kids Sea Star Leggings

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NOTICE: The amazingly vibrant, cool aquatic colors of these vivid Sea Stars will spark joy & amazement when worn!

Features a flattering print placement.

Comfortable 1-inch wide elastic waistband. 

Wicks away sweat and dries fast.

Silky 4-way stretch fabric that’s not see-through! 

Crafted from 84% recycled water bottles, 16% spandex

Below the sea ice, in the Ross Sea, the water stays below freezing.  In the cold, creatures here grow very slowly, but they can live long and become large in stature.  The seafloor is carpeted with starfish and sea spiders the size of dinner plates.  This rarely seen ecosystem is perhaps one of the most pristine left on earth.

Filming under the sea ice is not for the faint-hearted.  The BBC team witnessed an extraordinary and rarely seen world, but to access it they had to drop through a hole, made through 12 ft. of ice, then into the frozen water to swim to the filming location carrying all of their equipment.

The remarkable effort & passion it takes to share with us these wonders of nature from the farthest away corners of the planet is one of the many ways BBC Earth has set the gold standard in nature documentation.

Available in children’s sizes 2T, 4, 6, 8, 10. 

Made in the U.S.A.

Cold wash, hang dry to save power, and extend the life cycle of your clothes.