We go above and beyond our local California requirements to ensure we are operating fairly and creating the least harm. 

Here are some of the ways our products are made sustainably & ethically, adding new value propositions when you consider buying new clothing. We have invested great time and money having our processes verified and audited and source materials that carry these 3rd Party Certificates.


  • GOTS Certified, USA Organic Cotton is the featured natural textile for our products. Organic agriculture is a production process that sustains the health of ecosystems, soils and people.


  • Hemp and Organic Cotton Denim is used for our new Denim jackets and matching skirt sets. We've also used Hemp for some of our sweatsuits and tees because it's biodegradable and a renewable resource. Hemp absorbs more CO2 per acre than any other agricultural crop and doesn't use any pesticides.
  • Bluesign Certified fabric dyeing using California’s leading low-impact facility, which uses solar panels, recycled water and heating.  Our facility is known to use half of the energy compared to traditional dye houses in the USA and even more compared to outsourced brands.


  • In particular, synthetic fabrics, the strong point of our textiles, are made using the highest technology and quality in the world
  • Our custom milled fabric is made from recycled water bottles, recycled, flaked and milled in the USA. Turning our trash into treasure and taking inspiration from nature is the key to a brighter, greener future.
  • Our high-quality recycled satin and trims are milled in Japan
  • Each product has a traceable amount of water bottle content, for example each pair of leggings recycles 22 recycled water bottles (Through modern technology, our recycled fabrics feel luxuriously soft, silky and breathe.)

Our digital printing saves 91% of the water and 78% of the carbon emissions as traditional fabrics and incorporates hiring local disadvantaged adults from Los Angeles

Our custom hyper-real textiles and colorways are all inspired by nature's beauty, which serve as gentle reminders of how we must shop responsibly and be in service to our planet & it’s people.  As we like to say, 

“Adorn yourself in nature print therapy."