Together California is a Public Benefit Corporation, meaning by law we are required to guide our business not merely by "fiduciary obligations", aka more money at all costs.  Instead we take an approach of Triple Bottom Line Profits, meaning, the Environment, and our Worker's Rights are as important to our company's survival as monetary profits. Without these pillars we are not TOGETHER.

We are a family business that manufactures locally in Los Angeles, home of the best garment makers in the USA.  We take great pride in stimulating our local economy and providing jobs for our local neighbors, whom we now consider family.

Since opening in 2013, Together has been committed to diversity in all of our hiring and partnerships.  Together, Inc. is 80% Female POC owned and from our inception we have instituted corporate bylaws ensuring social equality is ensured for all of our staff, stake holders and share holders

We work for you & are striving to bring you joy, style & sustainable smiles.

As such we go above and beyond our local California requirements to ensure we are operating fairly and creating the least harm. 

We have invested great time and money having our processes verified and audited and source materials that carry these 3rd Party Certificates.



Here are some of the ways the products are manufactured sustainably & ethically, adding new value propositions when you consider new clothing:

  • Our custom milled fabric is made from recycled water bottles, recycled, flaked and milled in the USA
  • Each product has a traceable amount of water bottle content, for example each pair of yoga pants/leggings recycles 22 recycled water bottles
  • GOTS Certified, USA Organic Cotton is the featured natural textile for our products
  • Our digital printing saves 91% of the water and 78% of the carbon emissions as traditional fabrics and incorporates hiring practices of local disadvantaged adults from Los Angeles
  • Bluesign Certified dyeing using California’s leading low impact facility, which uses recycled water and heating.  Our facility is known to use half of the energy compared to traditional dye houses in the USA and even more compared to outsourced brands.
  • All manufacturing is done within a 10-mile radius of our office, using USA made textiles which dramatically cuts down our carbon footprint, while stimulating local job growth
  • We cut our garments with a “Waste Less” technique, to maximize fabric yields
  • We don’t throw out scrap fabric, but upcycle it into smaller accessories/panels like scrunchies, pockets & now face masks
  • All mail orders come in biodegradable packaging and plants two trees
  • We adhere to at least $15/hour minimum wage, with most laborers earning $18/hr +, which is more than Los Angeles, State and federal minimum wages, enriching our local community with livable wages
  • Together is 81% female owned and is a gender equal job provider