Local purpose & Community Re-investment

Think Globally, Act locally

We are a family business that
manufactures locally in Los Angeles, home of the best garment makers in the USA.

We take great pride in stimulating our local economy and providing jobs for our community.

B-Corp Public benefict corporation

Planet & People & then profit

Public Benefit Corp.

Together, Inc. is a Public Benefit Corporation, meaning by law we are required to guide our business not merely by "fiduciary obligations", aka profits at any cost to the environment and precious humanity.

Instead, the Environment and our Worker's Rights are as important to our company's survival as monetary profits.

Without these pillars we are not TOGETHER.

Sustainable Textiles
2 Trees Planted for every product sold
B-Corp Public benefict corporation
2 Trees Planted for every product sold

Plant 2 Trees, Every Time

Together We are growing Forests

We are committed to doing our part in helping to reforest the world, and help mitigate the effects of climate change.

We chose to partner with Eden Reforestation Projects because of their transparency in planting actual young trees, not just seedlings, but most importantly how they provide jobs to people in the communities most affected by the climate crisis.

Not only do rain-forests regulate global temperatures, but they also cool and regulate local micro-climates and limit the Earth’s reflectivity, which stabilizes ocean currents, wind, and rainfall patterns, making them vital to
combating global climate change.

In Madagascar for instance, Eden has planted over 664 Million Mangrove trees, completely restoring the protective coastline, invigorating the economy, and restoring habitats
of all species. (Mangroves have an enormous capacity for sucking up carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.)

Together with you & our great partners at Eden Reforestation we are planting forests, protecting coastal ecosystems, and providing jobs to villagers in the most impacted areas of deforestation and climate change.
When you support Togetherland, you also contribute to the planting of millions of trees.

How our Employ to Plant methodology promotes long-term forest sustainability